"...comedy gold ... a lot of the charm and wit of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett."

Jefferson P. Swycaffer - Nation Fantasy Fan Federation

"Mark Twain would have been proud."

The Mark Twain / Royal Nonesuch Competition Judges


Taria grew up in a tiny cottage in the grounds of a castle and is supposedly descended from an infamous pirate (much to the amusement of her fencing coach at the time of that discovery), and won her first writing award at age 8. Despite her historical background, however, and thanks to an accident involving the Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a staircase and a nasty attack of gravity, she became an avid fan of science fiction and sci-fi humour, though she does venture into other genres without the aid of a safety net.

A Literature degree, a journalism course and some gratuitous vocabulary overuse later, a few of her short and flash creations have flown the cerebral nest and landed in the pages of: Five Stop Story, Weirder Science, The Great British Write-off, as well as the Words With Jam and Flash500 short lists for readers to dally with at their own risk.

At the time of writing she has also had the honour of being a Mark Twain House Award finalist, a Percy French Award Finalist and was the winner of the first Magic Oxygen Mini-MOLP' Prize, the Multi-Story Short Fiction Award 2015 and the Writing Times Winter Fantasy Competition 2015. She is, as yet, however, in no need of larger millinery.


Her future plans include a forthcoming anthology, a quest for World Peace and calorie-free chocolate. Not much to ask, really. . .

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